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1. Levine AJ   Reviewing the future of the p53 field   CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION 2018 JAN; 25(1):1-2 Full Text | PubMed

2. Baugh EH, Ke H, Levine AJ, Bonneau RA, Chan CS   Why are there hotspot mutations in the TP53 gene in human cancers?   CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION 2018 JAN; 25(1):154-160 Full Text | PubMed

3. Luksza M, Riaz N, Makarov V, Balachandran VP, Hellmann MD, Solovyov A, Rizvi NA, Merghoub T, Levine AJ, Chan TA, Wolchok JD, Greenbaum BD   A neoantigen fitness model predicts tumour response to checkpoint blockade immunotherapy   NATURE 2017 NOV 23; 551(7681):517-520 Full Text | PubMed

4. Balachandran VP, Luksza M, Zhao JN, Makarov V, Moral JA, Remark R, Herbst B, Askan G, Bhanot U, Senbabaoglu Y, Wells DK, Cary CIO, Grbovic-Huezo O, Attiyeh M, Medina B, Zhang J, Loo J, Saglimbeni J, Abu-Akeel M, Zappasodi R, Riaz N, Smoragiewicz M, Kelley ZL, Basturk O, Gonen M   Identification of unique neoantigen qualities in long-term survivors of pancreatic cancer   NATURE 2017 NOV 23; 551(7681):512-+ Full Text | PubMed

5. Monroe AK, Zhang L, Jacobson LP, Plankey MW, Brown TT, Miller EN, Martin E, Becker JT, Levine AJ, Ragin A, Sacktor NC   The association between physical activity and cognition in men with and without HIV infection   HIV MEDICINE 2017 SEP; 18(8):555-563 Full Text | PubMed

6. Keating M, Kurup A, Alvarez-Elizondo M, Levine AJ, Botvinick E   Spatial distributions of pericellular stiffness in natural extracellular matrices are dependent on cell-mediated proteolysis and contractility   ACTA BIOMATERIALIA 2017 JUL 15; 57(?):304-312 Full Text | PubMed

7. Levine AJ, Berger SL   The interplay between epigenetic changes and the p53 protein in stem cells   GENES & DEVELOPMENT 2017 JUN 15; 31(12):1195-1201 Full Text | PubMed

8. Bryant AK, Moore DJ, Burdo TH, Lakritz JR, Gouaux B, Soontornniyomkij V, Achim CL, Masliah E, Grant I, Levine AJ, Ellis RJ   Plasma soluble CD163 is associated with postmortem brain pathology in human immunodeficiency virus infection   AIDS 2017 APR 24; 31(7):973-979 Full Text | PubMed

9. Chillemi G, Kehrloesser S, Bernassola F, Desideri A, Dotsch V, Levine AJ, Melino G   Structural Evolution and Dynamics of the p53 Proteins   COLD SPRING HARBOR PERSPECTIVES IN MEDICINE 2017 APR; 7(4):? Article a028308 Full Text | PubMed

10. Levin JM, Holtzman SH, Maraganore J, Hastings PJ, Cohen R, Dahiyat B, Adams J, Adams C, Ahrens B, Albers J, Aspinall MG, Audia JE, Babler M, Barrett P, Barry Z, Bermingham N, Blocha S, Blum RI, Bolno PB, Bonney MW, Booth B, Bradbury DM, Brauer SK, Byers B, Cagnoni PJ   US immigration order strikes against biotech   NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY 2017 MAR; 35(3):204-206 Full Text | PubMed

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