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1. Pei DQ, Beier DW, Levy-Lahad E, Marchant G, Rossant J, Belmonte JCI, Lovell-Badge R, Jaenisch R, Charo A, Baltimore D   Human Embryo Editing: Opportunities and Importance of Transnational Cooperation   CELL STEM CELL 2017 OCT 5; 21(4):423-426 Full Text | PubMed

2. Paules CI, Marston HD, Eisinger RW, Baltimore D, Fauci AS   The Pathway to a Universal Influenza Vaccine   IMMUNITY 2017 OCT 17; 47(4):599-603 Full Text | PubMed

3. Mann M, Mehta A, Zhao JL, Lee K, Marinov GK, Garcia-Flores Y, Baltimore D   An NF-kappa B-microRNA regulatory network tunes macrophage inflammatory responses   NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017 OCT 11; 8(?):? Article 851 Full Text | PubMed

4. Kaplan M, Yoo BK, Tang J, Karam TE, Liao BL, Majumdar D, Baltimore D, Jensen GJ, Zewail AH   Photon-Induced Near-Field Electron Microscopy of Eukaryotic Cells   ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2017 SEP 11; 56(38):11498-11501 Full Text | PubMed

5. Seet CS, He CB, Bethune MT, Lie SW, Chick B, Gschweng EH, Zhu YH, Kim K, Kohn DB, Baltimore D, Crooks GM, Montel-Hagen A   Generation of mature T cells from human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells in artificial thymic organoids   NATURE METHODS 2017 MAY; 14(5):521-530 Full Text | PubMed

6. Bethune MT, Comin-Anduix B, Fu YHH, Ribas A, Baltimore D   Preparation of peptide-MHC and T-cell receptor dextramers by biotinylated dextran doping   BIOTECHNIQUES 2017 MAR; 62(3):123-130 Full Text | PubMed

7. Wee EG, Ondondo B, Berglund P, Archer J, McMichael AJ, Baltimore D, ter Meulen JH, Hanke T   HIV-1 Conserved Mosaics Delivered by Regimens with Integration-Deficient DC-Targeting Lentiviral Vector Induce Robust T Cells   MOLECULAR THERAPY 2017 FEB 1; 25(2):494-503 Full Text | PubMed

8. Zhang Q, Lenardo MJ, Baltimore D   30 Years of NF-kappa B: A Blossoming of Relevance to Human Pathobiology   CELL 2017 JAN 12; 168(1-2):37-57 Full Text | PubMed

9. Lee HW, Khan SQ, Khaliqdina S, Altintas MM, Grahammer F, Zhao JL, Koh KH, Tardi NJ, Faridi MH, Geraghty T, Cimbaluk DJ, Susztak K, Moita LF, Baltimore D, Tharaux PL, Huber TB, Kretzler M, Bitzer M, Reiser J, Gupta V   Absence of miR-146a in Podocytes Increases Risk of Diabetic Glomerulopathy via Up-regulation of ErbB4 and Notch-1   JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY 2017 JAN 13; 292(2):732-747 Full Text | PubMed

10. Brady JM, Baltimore D, Balazs AB   Antibody gene transfer with adeno-associated viral vectors as a method for HIV prevention   IMMUNOLOGICAL REVIEWS 2017 JAN; 275(1):324-333 Full Text | PubMed

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