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1. Jiang S, Yan W, Wang SE, Baltimore D   Let-7 Suppresses B Cell Activation through Restricting the Availability of Necessary Nutrients   CELL METABOLISM 2018 FEB 6; 27(2):393-403.e4 Full Text | PubMed

2. Joglekar AV, Liu Z, Weber JK, Ouyang Y, Jeppson JD, Noh WJ, Lamothe-Molina PA, Chen HB, Kang SG, Bethune MT, Zhou RH, Walker BD, Baltimore D   T cell receptors for the HIV KK10 epitope from patients with differential immunologic control are functionally indistinguishable   PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2018 FEB 20; 115(8):1877-1882 Full Text | PubMed

3. Zhou J, Bethune MT, Malkova N, Sutherland AM, Comin-Anduix B, Su YP, Baltimore D, Ribas A, Heath JR   A kinetic investigation of interacting, stimulated T cells identifies conditions for rapid functional enhancement, minimal phenotype differentiation, and improved adoptive cell transfer tumor eradication   PLOS ONE 2018 JAN 23; 13(1):? Article e0191634 Full Text | PubMed

4. Gee MH, Han A, Lofgren SM, Beausang JF, Mendoza JL, Birnbaum ME, Bethune MT, Fischer S, Yang XB, Gomez-Eerland R, Bingham DB, Sibener LV, Fernandes RA, Velasco A, Baltimore D, Schumacher TN, Khatri P, Quake SR, Davis MM, Garcia KC   Antigen Identification for Orphan T Cell Receptors Expressed on Tumor-Infiltrating Lymphocytes   CELL 2018 JAN 25; 172(3):549-563.e16 Full Text | PubMed

5. Kim JT, Chang E, Sigal A, Baltimore D   Dendritic cells efficiently transmit HIV to T Cells in a tenofovir and raltegravir insensitive manner   PLOS ONE 2018 JAN 2; 13(1):? Article e0189945 Full Text | PubMed

6. Pei DQ, Beier DW, Levy-Lahad E, Marchant G, Rossant J, Belmonte JCI, Lovell-Badge R, Jaenisch R, Charo A, Baltimore D   Human Embryo Editing: Opportunities and Importance of Transnational Cooperation   CELL STEM CELL 2017 OCT 5; 21(4):423-426 Full Text | PubMed

7. Paules CI, Marston HD, Eisinger RW, Baltimore D, Fauci AS   The Pathway to a Universal Influenza Vaccine   IMMUNITY 2017 OCT 17; 47(4):599-603 Full Text | PubMed

8. Mann M, Mehta A, Zhao JL, Lee K, Marinov GK, Garcia-Flores Y, Baltimore D   An NF-kappa B-microRNA regulatory network tunes macrophage inflammatory responses   NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2017 OCT 11; 8(?):? Article 851 Full Text | PubMed

9. Kaplan M, Yoo BK, Tang J, Karam TE, Liao BL, Majumdar D, Baltimore D, Jensen GJ, Zewail AH   Photon-Induced Near-Field Electron Microscopy of Eukaryotic Cells   ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE-INTERNATIONAL EDITION 2017 SEP 11; 56(38):11498-11501 Full Text | PubMed

10. Seet CS, He CB, Bethune MT, Lie SW, Chick B, Gschweng EH, Zhu YH, Kim K, Kohn DB, Baltimore D, Crooks GM, Montel-Hagen A   Generation of mature T cells from human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells in artificial thymic organoids   NATURE METHODS 2017 MAY; 14(5):521-530 Full Text | PubMed

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