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1. Deng PJ, Zhou YQ, Jiang JY, Li HJ, Tian W, Cao YH, Qin Y, Kim J, Roeder RG, Patel DJ, Wang ZX   Transcriptional elongation factor Paf1 core complex adopts a spirally wrapped solenoidal topology   PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2018 OCT 2; 115(40):9998-10003 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

2. Li YL, Li ZM, Dong LP, Tang M, Zhang P, Zhang CH, Cao ZY, Zhu Q, Chen YC, Wang H, Wang TZ, Lv DY, Wang LN, Zhao Y, Yang Y, Wang HY, Zhang HQ, Roeder RG, Zhu WG   Histone H1 acetylation at lysine 85 regulates chromatin condensation and genome stability upon DNA damage   NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH 2018 SEP 6; 46(15):7716-7730 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

3. Jishage M, Yu XD, Shi Y, Ganesan SJ, Chen WY, Sali A, Chait BT, Asturias FJ, Roeder RG   Architecture of Pol II(G) and molecular mechanism of transcription regulation by Gdown1   NATURE STRUCTURAL & MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 2018 SEP; 25(9):859-867 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

4. Gates LA, Gu GW, Chen Y, Rohira AD, Lei JT, Hamilton RA, Yu Y, Lonard DM, Wang J, Wang SP, Edwards DG, Lavere PF, Shao JY, Yi P, Jain A, Jung SY, Malovannaya A, Li SQ, Shao JY, Roeder RG, Ellis MJ, Qin J, Fuqua SAW, O'Malley BW, Foulds CE   Proteomic profiling identifies key coactivators utilized by mutant ER alpha proteins as potential new therapeutic targets   ONCOGENE 2018 AUG 16; 37(33):4581-4598 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

5. Sabari BR, Dall'Agnese A, Boija A, Klein IA, Coffey EL, Shrinivas K, Abraham BJ, Hannett NM, Zamudio AV, Manteiga JC, Li CH, Guo YE, Day DS, Schuijers J, Vasile E, Malik S, Hnisz D, Lee TI, Cisse II, Roeder RG, Sharp PA, Chakraborty AK, Young RA   Coactivator condensation at super-enhancers links phase separation and gene control   SCIENCE 2018 JUL 27; 361(6400):379-+ Full Text | PMID/PMCID

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