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1. Humme D, Haider A, Mobs M, Mitsui H, Suarez-Farinas M, Ohmatsu H, Geilen CI, Eberle J, Krueger JG, Beyer M, Hummel M, Anagnostopoulos I, Sterry W, Assaf C   Aurora Kinase A Is Upregulated in Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma and Represents a Potential Therapeutic Target   JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY 2015 SEP; 135(9):2292-2300 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

2. Gottlieb AB, Krueger JG, Lundblad MS, Gothberg M, Skolnick BE   First-In-Human, Phase 1, Randomized, Dose-Escalation Trial with Recombinant Anti-IL-20 Monoclonal Antibody in Patients with Psoriasis   PLOS ONE 2015 AUG 7; 10(8):? Article e0134703 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

3. Goldminz AM, Suarez-Farinas M, Wang AC, Dumont N, Krueger JG, Gottlieb AB   CCL20 and IL22 Messenger RNA Expression After Adalimumab vs Methotrexate Treatment of Psoriasis A Randomized Clinical Trial   JAMA DERMATOLOGY 2015 AUG; 151(8):837-846 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

4. Vukmanovic-Stejic M, Sandhu D, Seidel JA, Patel N, Sobande TO, Agius E, Jackson SE, Fuentes-Duculan J, Suarez-Farinas M, Mabbott NA, Lacy KE, Ogg G, Nestle FO, Krueger JG, Rustin MHA, Akbar AN   The Characterization of Varicella Zoster Virus-Specific T Cells in Skin and Blood during Aging   JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY 2015 JUL; 135(7):1752-1762 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

5. Czarnowicki T, Malajian D, Shemer A, Fuentes-Duculan J, Gonzalez J, Suarez-Farinas M, Krueger JG, Guttman-Yassky E   Skin-homing and systemic T-cell subsets show higher activation in atopic dermatitis versus psoriasis   JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY 2015 JUL; 136(1):208-211 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

6. Krueger JG, Ferris LK, Menter A, Wagner F, White A, Visvanathan S, Lalovic B, Aslanyan S, Wang EEL, Hall D, Solinger A, Padula S, Scholl P   Anti-IL-23A mAb BI 655066 for treatment of moderate-to-severe psoriasis: Safety, efficacy, pharmacokinetics, and biomarker results of a single-rising-dose, randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial   JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY 2015 JUL; 136(1):116-U231 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

7. Czarnowicki T, Gonzalez J, Shemer A, Malajian D, Xu H, Zheng XZ, Khattri S, Gilleaudeau P, Sullivan-Whalen M, Suarez-Farinas M, Krueger JG, Guttman-Yassky E   Severe atopic dermatitis is characterized by selective expansion of circulating T(H)2/T(C)2 and T(H)22/T(C)22, but not T(H)17/T(C)17, cells within the skin-homing T-cell population   JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY 2015 JUL; 136(1):104-U215 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

8. Kim J, Nadella P, Kim DJ, Brodmerkel C, da Rosa JC, Krueger JG, Suarez-Farinas M   Histological Stratification of Thick and Thin Plaque Psoriasis Explores Molecular Phenotypes with Clinical Implications   PLOS ONE 2015 JUL 15; 10(7):? Article e0132454 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

9. Gaide O, Emerson RO, Jiang XD, Gulati N, Nizza S, Desmarais C, Robins H, Krueger JG, Clark RA, Kupper TS   Common clonal origin of central and resident memory T cells following skin immunization   NATURE MEDICINE 2015 JUN; 21(6):647-653 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

10. Suarez-Farinas M, Ungar B, da Rosa JC, Ewald DA, Rozenblit M, Gonzalez J, Xu H, Zheng XZ, Peng XY, Estrada YD, Dillon SR, Krueger JG, Guttman-Yassky E   RNA sequencing atopic dermatitis transcriptome profiling provides insights into novel disease mechanisms with potential therapeutic implications   JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY 2015 MAY; 135(5):1218-1227 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

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