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1. Xi L, Garcet S, Ye Z, Hung K, Hassan-Zahraee M, Kieras E, Krueger JG, Hyde C, Peeva E   A shared tissue transcriptome signature and pathways in psoriasis and ulcerative colitis   SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 2022 NOV 17; 12(1):? Article 19740 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

2. Bachelez H, Barker J, Burden AD, Navarini AA, Krueger JG   Generalized pustular psoriasis is a disease distinct from psoriasis vulgaris: evidence and expert opinion   EXPERT REVIEW OF CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY 2022 OCT 3; 18(10):1033-1047 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

3. Renert-Yuval Y, da Rosa JC, Garcet S, Pavel AB, Bares J, Chima M, Hawkes JE, Gilleaudeau P, Sullivan-Whalen M, Singer GK, Krueger JG, Guttman-Yassky E   Analysis of alopecia areata surveys suggests a threshold for improved patient-reported outcomes   BRITISH JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY 2022 OCT; 187(4):539-547 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

4. Koschitzky M, Navrazhina K, Garshick MS, Gonzalez J, Han JS, Garcet S, Krueger JG   Ustekinumab reduces serum protein levels associated with cardiovascular risk in psoriasis vulgaris   EXPERIMENTAL DERMATOLOGY 2022 SEP; 31(9):1341-1351 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

5. Kim M, Mikhaylov D, Rangel SM, Pavel AB, He H, Renert-Yuval Y, Del Duca E, Malik K, Huynh T, Ibler E, Sun M, Zhang N, Estrada Y, Krueger J, Paller AS, Guttman-Yassky E   Transcriptomic Analysis of the Major Orphan Ichthyosis Subtypes Reveals Shared Immune and Barrier Signatures   JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY 2022 SEP; 142(9):2363-+ Full Text | PMID/PMCID

6. Garg A, Krueger JG   Raising the bar for efficacy in hidradenitis suppurativa: a rationale for combination targeted therapies   BRITISH JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY 2022 SEP; 187(3):414-415 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

7. Navrazhina K, Frew JW, Grand D, Williams SC, Hur H, Gonzalez J, Garcet S, Krueger JG   Interleukin-17RA blockade by brodalumab decreases inflammatory pathways in hidradenitis suppurativa skin and serum   BRITISH JOURNAL OF DERMATOLOGY 2022 AUG; 187(2):223-233 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

8. Kim J, Moreno A, Krueger JG   The imbalance between Type 17 T-cells and regulatory immune cell subsets in psoriasis vulgaris   FRONTIERS IN IMMUNOLOGY 2022 AUG 30; 13(?):? Article 1005115 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

9. Catlett IM, Hu YH, Gao L, Banerjee S, Gordon K, Krueger JG   Molecular and clinical effects of selective tyrosine kinase 2 inhibition with deucravacitinib in psoriasis   JOURNAL OF ALLERGY AND CLINICAL IMMUNOLOGY 2022 JUN; 149(6):2010-+ Full Text | PMID/PMCID

10. Garshick MS, Drenkova K, Barrett TJ, Schlamp F, Fisher EA, Katz S, Jelic S, Neimann AL, Scher JU, Krueger J, Berger JS   A Randomized Open-Label Clinical Trial of Lipid-Lowering Therapy in Psoriasis to Reduce Vascular Endothelial Inflammation   JOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY 2022 JUN; 142(6):1749-1752 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

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