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1. Dworkin J, Jovanovic G, Model P   The PspA protein of Escherichia coli is a negative regulator of sigma(54)-dependent transcription   JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY 2000 JAN; 182(2):311-319 Full Text

2. Rakonjac J, Feng JN, Model P   Filamentous phage are released from the bacterial membrane by a two-step mechanism involving a short C-terminal fragment of pIII   JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 1999 JUN 25; 289(5):1253-1265 Full Text

3. Jovanovic G, Rakonjac J, Model P   In vivo and in vitro activities of the Escherichia coli sigma(54) transcription activator, PspF, and its DNA-binding mutant, PspF Delta HTH   JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 1999 JAN 15; 285(2):469-483 Full Text

4. Feng JN, Model P, Russel M   A trans-envelope protein complex needed for filamentous phage assembly and export   MOLECULAR MICROBIOLOGY 1999; 34(4):745-755 Full Text

5. Rakonjac J, Model P   Roles of pIII in filamentous phage assembly   JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 1998 SEP 11; 282(1):25-41 Full Text

6. Dworkin J, Ninfa AJ, Model P   A protein-induced DNA bend increases the specificity of a prokaryotic enhancer-binding protein   GENES & DEVELOPMENT 1998 MAR 15; 12(6):894-900 Full Text

7. Muir RS, Flores H, Zinder ND, Model P, Soberon X, Heitman J   Temperature-sensitive mutants of the EcoRI endonuclease   JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 1997 DEC 19; 274(5):722-737 Full Text

8. Dworkin J, Jovanovic G, Model P   Role of upstream activation sequences and integration host factor in transcriptional activation by the constitutively active prokaryotic enhancer-binding protein PspF   JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 1997 OCT 24; 273(2):377-388 Full Text

9. Rakonjac J, Jovanovic G, Model P   Filamentous phage infection-mediated gene expression: construction and propagation of the gIII deletion mutant helper phage R408d3   GENE 1997 OCT 1; 198(1-2):99-103 Full Text

10. Yang XDW, Model P, Heintz N   Homologous recombination based modification in Escherichia coli and germline transmission in transgenic mice of a bacterial artificial chromosome   NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY 1997 SEP; 15(9):859-865 Full Text

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