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1. Crumiller M, Knight B, Kaplan E   The Measurement of Information Transmitted by a Neural Population: Promises and Challenges   ENTROPY 2013 SEP; 15(9):3507-3527 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

2. Sirovich L, Knight B   Spiking Neurons and the First Passage Problem. PMID 21492014   NEURAL COMPUT 2011 JUL;23(7):1675-1703 PMID/PMCID

3. Yu YG, Crumiller M, Knight B, Kaplan E   Estimating the amount of information carried by a neuronal population. PMID 20461228 PMCID 2866452   FRONT COMPUT NEUROSCI 2010 APR;4():NIL_26-NIL_35 PMID/PMCID

4. Omurtag A, Kaplan E, Knight B, Sirovich L   Modeling and analysis of synchronization in large neuronal populations: Effects of inhibition and transmission delays.   INVEST OPHTHALMOL VISUAL SCI 2001 MAR 15;42(4):S727

5. Yokoo T, Knight BW, Sirovich L   An optimization approach to signal extraction from noisy multivariate data.   NEUROIMAGE 2001 DEC;14(6):1309-1326

6. Knight BW   Dynamics of encoding in neuron populations: Some general mathematical features.   NEURAL COMPUT 2000 MAR;12(3):473-518

7. Omurtag A, Kaplan E, Knight B, Sirovich L   A population approach to cortical dynamics with an application to orientation tuning.   NETWORK-COMPUT NEURAL SYST 2000 NOV;11(4):247-260

8. Sirovich L, Omrtag A, Knight BW   Dynamics of neuronal populations: The equilibrium solution.   SIAM J APPL MATH 2000 JUN 20;60(6):2009-2028

9. Sailstad CA, Knight B, Sirovich L, Kaplan E   Functional organization of the cat primary visual cortex: Role descending pathway from area 18.   INVEST OPHTHALMOL VISUAL SCI 2000 MAR 15;41(4):S51

10. Omurtag A, Knight BW, Sirovich L   On the simulation of large populations of neurons.   J COMPUT NEUROSCI 2000 JAN-FEB;8(1):51-63

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