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1. Png KJ, Yoshida M, Zhang XHF, Shu WP, Lee H, Rimner A, Chan TA, Comen E, Andrade VP, Kim SW, King TA, Hudis CA, Norton L, Hicks J, Massague J, Tavazoie SF   MicroRNA-335 inhibits tumor reinitiation and is silenced through genetic and epigenetic mechanisms in human breast cancer. PMID 21289068 PMCID 3034897   GENE DEVELOP 2011 FEB 1;25(3):226-231 PMID/PMCID

2. King TP, Wittkowski KM   Hyaluronidase and Hyaluronan in Insect Venom Allergy. PMID 21597301   INT ARCH ALLERGY IMMUNOL 2011;156(2):205-211 PMID/PMCID

3. King TP   Venom Allergenicity: Hyaluronan Fragments Promote Ige And Igg1 Response In Mice.   J ALLERG CLIN IMMUNOL 2009 FEB;123(2):S99 PMID/PMCID

4. Seppala U , Selby D , Monsalve R , King TP , Ebner C , Roepstorff P , Bohle B   Structural and immunological characterization of the N-glycans from the major yellow jacket allergen Ves v 2: The N-glycan structures are needed for the human antibody recognition. PMID 19375166   MOL IMMUNOL 2009 JUN;46(10):2014-2021 PMID/PMCID

5. King TP   Personal reminiscences of Bruce Merrifield.   BIOPOLYMERS 2008;90(3):242 PMID/PMCID

6. Monsalve RI , Gutierrez R , Polo F , Lombardero M , Galan A , King TP , Marques L , Barber D   Now diagnostic approaches for wasps venom allergy.   J ALLERG CLIN IMMUNOL 2007 JAN;119(1):S31

7. Ravi V , King TP , Andersen JF , Nutman TB , Neva FA   Strongyloides stercoralis recombinant NIE antigen shares epitope with recombinant Ves v 5 and Pol a 5 allergens of insects.   AMER J TROP MED HYG 2005 MAY;72(5):549-553

8. King TP, Jim SY, Wittkowski KM   Inflammatory role of two venom components of yellow jackets (Vespula vulgaris): A mast cell degranulating peptide mastoparan and phospholipase A1.   INT ARCH ALLERGY IMMUNOL 2003 MAY;131(1):25-32

9. King TP, Jim SY   Possible adjuvant activity of yellow jacket (Vespula vulgaris) venom.   ALLERGY FRONTIERS AND FUTURES 2003;330-331

10. Hiller R, Laffer S, Harwanegg C, Huber M, Schmidt WM, Twardosz A, Barletta B, Becker WM, Blaser K, Breiteneder H, Chapman M, Crameri R, Duchene M, Ferreira F, Fiebig H, Hoffmann-Sommergruber K, King TP, Kleber-Janke T, Kurup VP, Lehrer SB, Lidholm J, Muller U, Pini C, Reese G, Scheiner O   Microarrayed allergen molecules: diagnostic gatekeepers for allergy treatment.   FASEB J 2002 JAN;16(1):NIL_262-NIL_282

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