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1. Gotschlich E , Gotschlich K   Maclyn McCarty, 1911-2005.   NAT CELL BIOL 2005 FEB;7(2):111

2. Gotschlich EC , Fischetti VA   The career of Maclyn McCarty. PMCID 2213270   J EXP MED 2005 JUN 6;201(11):1699-1707

3. Lederberg J , Gotschlich EC   A path to discovery: The career of Maclyn McCarty. PMID 16207076 PMCID 1250295   PLOS BIOL 2005 OCT;3(10):1690-1692

4. Robbins JB , Schneerson R , Gotschlich EC   Surveillance for bacterial meningitis by means of polymerase chain reaction.   CLIN INFECT DIS 2005 JAN 1;40(1):26-27

5. Robbins JB, Schneerson R, Gotschlich EC, Mohammed I, Nasidi A, Chippaux JP, Bernardino L, Maiga MA   Meningococcal meningitis in sub-Saharan Africa: the case for mass and routine vaccination with available polysaccharide vaccines.   BULL WHO 2003;81(10):745-750

6. Robbins JB, Schneerson R, Gotschlich EC   A rebuttal: epidemic and endemic meningococcal. meningitis in sub-Saharan Africa can be prevented now by routine immunization with group A meningococcal capsular polysaccharide vaccine.   PEDIAT INF DIS J 2000 OCT;19(10):945-953

7. Minor SY, Banerjee A, Gotschlich EC   Effect of alpha-oligosaccharide phenotype of Neisseria gonorrhoeae strain MS11 on invasion of Chang conjunctival, HEC-1- B endometrial, and ME-180 cervical cells.   INFEC IMMUNITY 2000 DEC;68(12):6526-6534

8. Minor SY, Gotschlich EC   The genetics of LPS synthesis by the gonococcus.   GENETICS OF BACTERIALS POLYSACCHARIDES 1999;111-131

9. Horn DL, Zabriskie JB, Austrian R, Cleary PP, Ferretti JJ, Fischetti VA, Gotschlich E, Kaplan EL, McCarty M, Opal SM, Roberts RB, Tomasz A, Wachtfogel Y   Why have group A streptococci remained susceptible to penicillin? Report on a symposium.   CLIN INFECT DIS 1998 JUN;26(6):1341-1345

10. Banerjee A, Wang R, Uljon SN, Rice PA, Gotschlich EC, Stein DC   Identification of the gene (lgtG) encoding the lipooligosaccharide beta chain synthesizing glucosyl transferase from Neisseria gonorrhoeae.   PROC NAT ACAD SCI USA 1998 SEP;95(18):10872-10877

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