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1. Bikard D, Euler CW, Jiang WY, Nussenzweig PM, Goldberg GW, Duportet X, Fischetti VA, Marraffini LA   Exploiting CRISPR-Cas nucleases to produce sequence-specific antimicrobials   NATURE BIOTECHNOLOGY 2014 NOV; 32(11):1146-1150 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

2. Lood R, Raz A, Molina H, Euler CW, Fischetti VA   A Highly Active and Negatively Charged Streptococcus pyogenes Lysin with a Rare D-Alanyl-L-Alanine Endopeptidase Activity Protects Mice against Streptococcal Bacteremia   ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS AND CHEMOTHERAPY 2014 JUN; 58(6):3073-3084 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

3. Utter B, Deutsch DR, Schuch R, Winer BY, Verratti K, Bishop-Lilly K, Sozhamannan S, Fischetti VA   Beyond the Chromosome: The Prevalence of Unique Extra-Chromosomal Bacteriophages with Integrated Virulence Genes in Pathogenic Staphylococcus aureus   PLOS ONE 2014 JUN 25; 9(6):? Article e100502 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

4. Schuch R, Lee HM, Schneider BC, Sauve KL, Law C, Khan BK, Rotolo JA, Horiuchi Y, Couto DE, Raz A, Fischetti VA, Huang DB, Nowinski RC, Wittekind M   Combination Therapy With Lysin CF-301 and Antibiotic Is Superior to Antibiotic Alone for Treating Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus-Induced Murine Bacteremia   JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES 2014 MAY 1; 209(9):1469-1478 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

5. Xu Y, Brenning B, Clifford A, Vollmer D, Bearss J, Jones C, McCarthy V, Shi CT, Wolfe B, Aavula B, Warner S, Bearss DJ, McCullar MV, Schuch R, Pelzek A, Bhaskaran SS, Stebbins CE, Goldberg AR, Fischetti VA, Vankayalapati H   Discovery of Novel Putative Inhibitors of UDP-GlcNAc 2-Epimerase as Potent Antibacterial Agents   ACS MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY LETTERS 2013 DEC; 4(12):1142-1147 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

6. Vouillamoz J, Entenza JM, Giddey M, Fischetti VA, Moreillon P, Resch G   Bactericidal synergism between daptomycin and the phage lysin Cpl-1 in a mouse model of pneumococcal bacteraemia   INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ANTIMICROBIAL AGENTS 2013 NOV; 42(5):416-421 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

7. Kan S, Fornelos N, Schuch R, Fischetti VA   Identification of a Ligand on the Wip1 Bacteriophage Highly Specific for a Receptor on Bacillus anthracis   JOURNAL OF BACTERIOLOGY 2013 OCT; 195(19):4355-4364 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

8. Pastagia M, Schuch R, Fischetti VA, Huang DB   Lysins: the arrival of pathogen-directed anti-infectives   JOURNAL OF MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY 2013 OCT; 62(?):1506-1516 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

9. Rumah KR, Linden J, Fischetti VA, Vartanian T   Isolation of Clostridium perfringens Type B in an Individual at First Clinical Presentation of Multiple Sclerosis Provides Clues for Environmental Triggers of the Disease   PLOS ONE 2013 OCT 16; 8(10):? Article e76359 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

10. Doehn JM, Fischer K, Reppe K, Gutbier B, Tschernig T, Hocke AC, Fischetti VA, Loffler J, Suttorp N, Hippenstiel S, Witzenrath M   Delivery of the endolysin Cpl-1 by inhalation rescues mice with fatal pneumococcal pneumonia   JOURNAL OF ANTIMICROBIAL CHEMOTHERAPY 2013 SEP; 68(9):2111-2117 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

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