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1. Feigenbaum MJ, Procaccia I, Davidovich B   Dynamics of finger formation in Laplacian growth without surface tension.   J STATIST PHYS 2001 JUN;103(5-6):973-1007

2. Davidovitch B, Feigenbaum MJ, Hentschel HGE, Prscaccia I   Conformal dynamics of fractal growth patterns without randomness.   PHYS REV E 2000 AUG;62(2):1706-1715

3. Verberg R, de Schepper IM, Feigenbaum MJ, Cohen EGD   Square root singularity in the viscosity of neutral colloidal suspensions at large frequencies.   J STATIST PHYS 1997 JUN;87(5-6):1037-1049

4. Chhabra AB, Feigenbaum MJ, Kadanoff LP, Kolan AJ, Procaccia I   Sandpiles, avalanches, and the statistical mechanics of nonequilibrium stationary states.   Physical review. 1993;(E) 47:3099-3121

5. Kadanoff LP, Chhabra AB, Kolan AJ, Feigenbaum MJ, Procaccia I   Critical indices for singular diffusion.   Physical review. 1992;(A) 45:6095-6098

6. Feigenbaum MJ, Procaccia I, Tel T   Scaling properties of multifractals as an eigenvalue problem.   Physical review. 1989;(A) 39:5359-5372

7. Feigenbaum MJ   Presentation functions, fixed points, and a theory of scaling function dynamics.   Journal of statistical physics. 1988;52:527-569

8. Feigenbaum MJ   Presentation functions and scaling function theory for circle maps.   Nonlinearity. 1988;1:577-602

9. Feigenbaum MJ   Some characterizations of strange sets.   Journal of statistical physics. 1987;46:919-924

10. Feigenbaum MJ   Scaling spectra and return times by dynamical systems.   Journal of statistical physics. 1987;46:925-932

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