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1. Turner TN, Hormozdiari F, Duyzend MH, McClymont SA, Hook PW, Iossifov I, Raja A, Baker C, Hoekzema K, Stessman HA, Zody MC, Nelson BJ, Huddleston J, Sandstrom R, Smith JD, Hanna D, Swanson JM, Faustman EM, Bamshad MJ, Stamatoyannopoulos J, Nickerson DA, McCallion AS, Darnell R, Eichler EE   Genome Sequencing of Autism-Affected Families Reveals Disruption of Putative Noncoding Regulatory DNA   AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HUMAN GENETICS 2016 JAN 7; 98(1):58-74 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

2. Moore MJ, Scheel TKH, Luna JM, Park CY, Fak JJ, Nishiuchi E, Rice CM, Darnell RB   miRNA-target chimeras reveal miRNA 3 '-end pairing as a major determinant of Argonaute target specificity   NATURE COMMUNICATIONS 2015 NOV; 6(?):? Article 8864 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

3. Ke SD, Alemu EA, Mertens C, Gantman EC, Fak JJ, Mele A, Haripal B, Zucker-Scharff I, Moore MJ, Park CY, Vagbo CB, Kusnierczyk A, Klungland A, Darnell JE, Darnell RB   A majority of m(6)A residues are in the last exons, allowing the potential for 3 ' UTR regulation   GENES & DEVELOPMENT 2015 OCT 1; 29(19):2037-2053 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

4. Korb E, Herre M, Zucker-Scharff I, Darnell RB, Allis CD   BET protein Brd4 activates transcription in neurons and BET inhibitor Jq1 blocks memory in mice   NATURE NEUROSCIENCE 2015 OCT; 18(10):1464-+ Full Text | PMID/PMCID

5. Roberts WK, Blachere NE, Frank MO, Dousmanis A, Ransohoff RM, Darnell RB   A Destructive Feedback Loop Mediated by CXCL10 in Central Nervous System Inflammatory Disease   ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY 2015 OCT; 78(4):619-629 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

6. Vasilyev N, Polonskaia A, Darnell JC, Darnell RB, Patel DJ, Serganov A   Crystal structure reveals specific recognition of a G-quadruplex RNA by a beta-turn in the RGG motif of FMRP   PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2015 SEP 29; 112(39):E5391-E5400 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

7. Luna JM, Scheel TKH, Danino T, Shaw KS, Mele A, Fak JJ, Nishiuchi E, Takacs CN, Catanese MT, de Jong YP, Jacobson IM, Rice CM, Darnell RB   Hepatitis C Virus RNA Functionally Sequesters miR-122   CELL 2015 MAR 12; 160(6):1099-1110 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

8. Scheckel C, Darnell RB   Microexons-Tiny but mighty   EMBO JOURNAL 2015 FEB 3; 34(3):273-274 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

9. Cheung J, Ginter C, Cassidy M, Franklin MC, Rudolph MJ, Robine N, Darnell RB, Hendrickson WA   Structural insights into mis-regulation of protein kinase A in human tumors   PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 2015 FEB 3; 112(5):1374-1379 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

10. Frank MO, Kaufman J, Parveen S, Blachere NE, Orange DE, Darnell RB   Dendritic cell vaccines containing lymphocytes produce improved immunogenicity in patients with cancer   JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE 2014 DEC 5; 12(?):? Article 338 Full Text | PMID/PMCID

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