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 Tuesday, May 15, 2018
2:00 p.m.   Thesis Presentations
Chromatin Reader ZMYND8 Regulates Igh Enhancers to Promote Immunoglobulin Class Switch Recombination

Daniel Rosen, biomedical fellow, Laboratory of Molecular Immunology, The Rockefeller University

4:00 p.m.   Center for Studies in Physics and Biology Seminars
Systems and Synthetic Biology of Photosynthetic Organisms

Martin Jonikas, Ph.D., assistant professor, Princeton University

4:00 p.m.   Other Tri-Institutional Events
Signaling Reactions on Membrane Surfaces: The Role of Molecular Timing

Jay T. Groves, Ph.D., professor, department of chemistry, University of California, Berkeley

 Thursday, May 17, 2018
12:00 p.m.   Chemical Biology Seminar Series
Bacterial Cell Wall Assembly: Putting It All Together

Suzanne Walker, Ph.D., professor of microbiology and immunobiology, Harvard Medical School

8:00 p.m.   Harvey Society
How Immune Cells Wire and Unwire the Brain

Beth Stevens, Ph.D., associate professor of neurology, Harvard University; research associate in neurobiology, Boston Children's Hospital

 Friday, May 18, 2018
3:45 p.m.   Friday Lecture Series
Microgenetics: What We Can Learn About Protein Degradation from Bits of Genes
The Cancer Biology Lecture

Stephen Elledge, Ph.D., Gregor Mendel Professor of Genetics and of Medicine, Harvard Medical School; investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute