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 Monday, October 1, 2018
1:30 p.m.   Other Tri-Institutional Events
Novel Pro-resolving Lipid Mediators in Inflammation and Infection

Charles Serhan, Ph.D., professor and director, Center for Experimental Therapeutics and Reperfusion Injury, Brigham and Women's Hospital; The Simon Gelman Professor of Anaesthesia (biochemistry and molecular pharmacology), Harvard Medical School

 Tuesday, October 2, 2018
4:00 p.m.   Center for Studies in Physics and Biology Seminars
How the Languages We Speak Shape the Ways We Think

Lera Boroditsky, Ph.D., associate professor, University of California, San Diego

 Friday, October 5, 2018
12:00 p.m.   Other Tri-Institutional Events
Human Telomerase RNP Biogenesis, Activity, and Action at Telomeres
Molecular Biology Research Seminar

Kathleen Collins, Ph.D., professor, department of molecular and cell biology, University of California, Berkeley

 Monday, October 8, 2018
1:30 p.m.   Other Tri-Institutional Events
Memory B Cells and Infection

Marion Pepper, Ph.D., associate professor, department of immunology, University of Washington

4:00 p.m.   Other Tri-Institutional Events
Synthetic Biology for Synthetic Chemistry

Jay Keasling, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Professor in the Department of Bioengineering, The Hubbard Howe Jr. Distinguished Professor of Biochemical Engineering, Executive Officer, Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI), University of California, Berkeley

 Tuesday, October 9, 2018
8:30 a.m.   Academic Symposia
JCB JEM Symposium
9:00 a.m.   Academic Symposia
JEM/JCB Cancer Symposium

Lewis Cantley, Ph.D., Meyer Director of the Sandra and Edward Meyer Cancer Center, professor of cancer biology in medicine, Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, PI 3-Kinase and Cancer Metabolism

Dafna Bar-Sagi, Ph.D., senior vice president and vice dean for science, chief scientific officer, professor, departments of biochemistry and molecular pharmacology, medicine, New York University School of Medicine, Oncogenic Ras-dependent Determinants of Tumor Fitness

Golnaz Vahedi, Ph.D., M.Sc., assistant professor of genetics, University of Pennsylvania, Exploiting Chromatin Biology to Understand Gene Regulation in T Cells

Ming Li, Ph.D., member, immunology program, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Immunity and Tolerance in Cancer

Carol Prives, Ph.D., Da Costa Professor, department of cell and molecular biology, Columbia University, Travels with p53 and Mdm2—and Some Surprises along the Way

Christopher Vakoc, M.D., Ph.D., principal investigator, associate professor, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Lineage Reprogramming in Cancer

Miriam Merad, M.D., Ph.D., professor of oncological science, medicine, and immunology, member, Immunology Institute and The Tisch Cancer Institute, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Mapping Myeloid Cell Contribution to Cancer Lesions

Jedd Wolchok, M.D., Ph.D., chief, melanoma and immunotherapeutics service, member and attending physician, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Immunologic Checkpoint Blockade: Dissecting Mechanisms and Next Steps

11:00 a.m.   Other Lectures, Seminars, and Symposia
Learning about NK Cells through Inborn Errors of Immunity

Jordan Orange, M.D., Ph.D., chair of pediatrics, Columbia University

2:30 p.m.   Other Tri-Institutional Events
Mechanism of Sexual Differentiation of Mouse Germ Cells
Developmental Biology Research Seminar

Yumiko Saga, Ph.D., professor, Mammalian Development Laboratory, National Institute of Genetics, Mishima, Japan

 Friday, October 12, 2018
3:45 p.m.   Friday Lecture Series

Richard Axel, M.D., co-director, Mind Brain Behavior Institute, professor, departments of neuroscience, pathology and cell biology, and biochemistry and molecular biophysics, Columbia University Medical Center; investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute

 Saturday, October 13, 2018
10:00 a.m.   Other Arts Events
Open House New York Tours
 Sunday, October 14, 2018
10:00 a.m.   Other Arts Events
Open House New York Tours
 Monday, October 15, 2018
1:30 p.m.   Other Tri-Institutional Events
Bifurcating B Cell Dynamics Underlying Humoral Immune Responses

Harinder Singh, Ph.D., Director, Division of Immunobiology, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

 Thursday, October 18, 2018
12:00 p.m.   Chemical Biology Seminar Series
CryoEM insights into GPCR activation and signaling

Georgios Skiniotis, Ph.D., Professor, Molecular & Cellular Physiology and Structural Biology, Stanford University, CryoEM insights into GPCR activation and signaling

1:30 p.m.   Cell Biology Seminars
Expansion Microscopy, Optogenetics, and Other Tools for Analyzing Complex Biological Systems

Ed Boyden, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Biological Engineering and Brain and Cognitive Science,MIT Media Lab and McGovern Institute; Y. Eva Tan Professor, Neurotechnology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

8:00 p.m.   Harvey Society
Dissecting Molecular Mechanisms of Transcription Regulation

John T. Lis, Ph.D., professor, department of molecular biology and genetics, Cornell University

 Friday, October 19, 2018
12:00 p.m.   Other Tri-Institutional Events
Title TBA
Molecular Biology Research Seminar

Xavier Darzacq, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Molecular & Cell Biology, University of California Berkeley

3:45 p.m.   Friday Lecture Series

Howard Hang, Ph.D., Richard Salomon Family Associate Professor and head, Laboratory of Chemical Biology and Microbial Pathogenesis, The Rockefeller University

 Monday, October 22, 2018
12:00 p.m.   Other Tri-Institutional Events
Regulation and Dynamics of Stem Cell Quiscence

Thomas Rando, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Department of Neurology & Neurological Sciences, and Director, Glenn Center for the Biology of Aging, Stanford University School of Medicine, Stanford, CA

1:30 p.m.   Other Tri-Institutional Events
Regulation of Innate Immunity to Inhaled Fungi

Bruce Klein, Ph.D., Professor of Pediatrics and Medical Microbiology & Immunology, University of Wisconsin

 Tuesday, October 23, 2018
2:00 p.m.   Thesis Presentations
Title TBA

Zhen Chen, graduate fellow, The Rockefeller University

 Wednesday, October 24, 2018
6:30 p.m.   Other Meetings
The Legacy of American Press Censorship in the First World War

Charles Sorrie, Ph.D., WWI fellow, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs

 Thursday, October 25, 2018
1:30 p.m.   Other Tri-Institutional Events
Assembling Three-Dimensional Models of the Human Brain to Study Development and Disease
Developmental Biology Research Seminar

Sergiu Pasca, M.D., Assistant Professor, Stanford University

 Friday, October 26, 2018
3:45 p.m.   Friday Lecture Series

Susan Fiske, Ph.D., Eugene Higgins Professor, department of psychology, Princeton University

 Monday, October 29, 2018
1:30 p.m.   Other Tri-Institutional Events
Neuro-immune Regulation of Bacterial Host Defense

Isaac Chiu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Microbiology and Immunobiology, Harvard Medical School

 Thursday, November 1, 2018
2:00 p.m.   Cell Biology Seminars
The Genetics of Tumor Suppression by p53

Maureen Murphy, Ph.D., Professor & Leader, Molecular and Cellular Oncogenesis Program; Scientific Director, Histotechnology Facility; Associate Vice President, Faculty Affairs, The Wistar Institute

 Friday, November 2, 2018
12:00 p.m.   Other Tri-Institutional Events
Discovery and Characterization of Microproteins
Molecular Biology Research Seminar

Alan Saghatelian, Ph.D., Professor and Dr. Frederik Paulsen Chair, Clayton Foundation Laboratories for Peptide Biology, Salk Institute for Biological Studies

3:45 p.m.   Friday Lecture Series
Clinical Whole Genome Sequencing Sheds Light on Novel Metabolic Pathways in the Brain
The Nicholson Lecture

Anna Wedell, M.D., Ph.D., head, Center for Inherited Metabolic Diseases; professor, department of molecular medicine and surgery, Science for Life Laboratory, Karolinska Institutet